Will there be a doll in my Christmas Stocking?

I remember when I was a kid, my mum used to take us shopping so we could tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas.

As we browsed the toys on the shelves I saw the most beautiful doll. It had the stylish outfits and really shiny hair. I knew it was the doll for me!

Unlike yesteryear, there are a lot more choices of dolls and where you can buy them. Buying online is one of them.

There are a few things you should be aware of when buying online:

  • Shipping cost on top of what you are purchasing

  • Shipping times

  • Exchange rates

Shipping Costs

Let’s start with shipping costs. Some online businesses offer free postage in your country. But if you are buying internationally it can be quite costly on top of what you have already purchased and exchange rates.

Shipping Times

Keep this in mind if you are buying something for a certain date e.g. Christmas you should be buying in October so you can allow plenty of time for your items to arrive.

Exchange Rates

I have been caught out with this a number of times. I think it’s really cheap until you get to the checkout. Not only are you hit with the shipping cost, you also pay more for the exchange rates.

At Sew Nice Dolls Clothes we try and keep these costs low and offer free shipping for orders made in Australia. So, if you want Dolls, Clothes and accessories for Christmas or any other special occasion check out Our Website.