Why do I need an 18 Inch Boy Doll?

I often wondered if I needed a boy doll in my 18 Inch Doll collection. 
Well if Barbie has her Ken, why can’t my 18” doll have her 18” boy doll.

I think it would be great if you want to encourage your boys to play with dolls. It would give them a doll they can relate to and enjoy imaginative play.

I’ve had lots of enquiries about boy dolls, clothes and accessories so I decided to create our own Sew Nice Doll Clothed 18 Inch Boy Doll. I hope he will give you and your family years of joy and love.

So, YES! Is the answer to my question. I do need an 18 Inch boy doll in my collection!

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Sew Nice Dolls Clothes and Accessories 18-inch boy doll