Want to have more choices in your dolls wardrobe?

There are so many cute outfits on the market today for 18 Inch dolls and they can be quite costly.

The best way for your doll to achieve many looks. Is to purchase a mix n’ match pieces. By doing this you can achieve many different looks with just a few pieces and then add more items and accessories as you can afford them.

I would suggest starting with four basics, one top, a pair of pants, a skirt and a pair of shoes. With these four pieces, you will be able to make some combinations. Once you have the basics you can add accessories, boots, dresses and jackets to your collection.

At Sew Nice Dolls Clothes and Accessories we have a large range of separates at great prices so you can start your dolls wardrobe on a budget.

Before you know it you will need more storage but that is a whole different subject. 

Sew Nice Dolls Clothes and Accessories range of separates