How dolls help kids nurture empathy and imagination

Dolls provide kids with hours of entertainment as well as being great for teaching empathy and getting used to real life situations that might be a little scary.

As you can see from these photos sent by a customer, doll play is only limited by the imagination. This little girl created a story around her doll’s ‘broken’ foot from falling off her bike through to having the operation and learning to use crutches.

Hope your enjoy it as much as I did…

The hill was steep but Samantha’s doll, Jennifer wasn’t afraid. She pedalled furiously building up speed and than BAM she fell. “Oh no” she’s hurt her foot, hopefully it’s not broken.

Off to the hospital for Jennifer. Nurse Annabel pushed Jennifer’s wheelchair into the operating theatre where Dr Alex was waiting to ask her questions about what happened. His operating bag was already set up on the bed waiting. Jennifer was a little bit scared now and her foot really really hurt.

After Dr Alex helped her feel calmer and asked her some questions to make sure Jennifer wasn’t allergic to anything it was time to operate.

Samantha set up the operating area carefully, helping her dolls to stand and hold the things they needed.

After Samantha’s dolls performed their operation and finished bandaging up poor Jennifer’s broken foot it was time to give her some crutches so she could still get around.

Dr Alex showed her how to hold them but Jennifer still needed some help from Samantha because crutches aren’t easy for anyone to use. When her foot started getting a lot better Jennifer was able to hobble around using just one crutch.

What a great effort by Dr Alex and Nurse Annabel to make Jennifer’s foot better.

It makes me so happy to see my customers having fun like this.

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