A polka dot package from Sew Nice Dolls Clothes

It’s hard to say who was more excited, Samantha, or her girl dolls Annabel and Jennifer, when they received this polka dot parcel from Sew Nice Dolls Clothes last week. Boy doll, Alex, just scoffed and pretended not to care, but it was obvious he was just as desperate to know what the package held.

Can’t wait to see what’s inside!

With scissors in hand and her 3 dolls watching from the side, Samantha sliced open the packaging, care winning over her impatience as she didn’t want to damage anything inside.

Her face lit up with joy when she opened the box.

Christmas clothes for the dolls

She was beside herself to see the little Christmas shirt for Alex and the Christmas Wardrobe Pack from Sew Nice Dolls Clothes for Jennifer. Annabel already had her outfit from the year before.

Time to Get Dressed

“Let’s get you guys dressed” she said to her trio of Sew Nice dolls. “Then I’ll call the photographer (mum) and we’ll get our Christmas photos taken.”

And that’s how my customer, Amanda, found herself one Friday afternoon in November taking Christmas photos of her daughter and ‘grandkids’ which is how Miss 8 referred to her dolls.

The little shirt fit Alex perfectly of course. And he looked proud as punch when he fist pumped the air ready to go.

Then it was Jennifer’s turn to get all ‘dolled’ up in her new Christmas dress, shoes and headband. So pretty.

Finally Annabel had to get dressed in her gorgeous little Sew Nice dress and gold shoes from last year, and bundle her long thick hair neatly up in a scrunchie.

Christmas photo shoot for the Sew Nice dolls

 Then it was time to head to the ‘studio’ for a Christmas mini photo shoot, special thanks to Amanda Meryle Photography.

The Sew Nice dolls called Annabel, Alex and Jennifer posed and played with Samantha, like dolls and kids do. At the end they insisted on having a photo with Santa’s elves who flew in from the North Pole especially for the occasion.

By the time the camera clicked for the last time, Alex was done, declaring this was the last family photo he would ever be in! Samantha and his doll sisters just laughed, because they were secretly planning the next photo shoot already.